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Furniture Design

We never settle.  When working through a design project, if we are unable to find the proper furniture or accessory for a particular space, we design what we envision and make it in-house.  Good enough is not an option.  Whether it's case goods, upholstery or metal work, our team delights in problem solving and designing and fabricating the perfect pieces for our clients.



The Colgrove Bed


Sourcing a great looking, quality bed is often a challenge.  Add to the mix a king size adjustable mattress and base

with dual action at the head and foot, and the task is near impossible.  We designed The Colgrove Bed to hide the

massive base of the bed as well as minimize gaps between the bed and the mattress when the head or foot was raised on either or both sides.  We were also determined to leave just enough space for proper vacuuming.  The curve of the footboard and the graduated contemporary wing of the tall headboard combine form and function for an extremely chic and substantial look.

The Eastern Standard Swivel


During the height of Covid we had the pleasure of designing our own favorite bar in town, Eastem Standard.  We had a hard deadline from the client for the opening date.  At the time, not a single upholstery manufacturer could deliver the 34 commercial grade swivel chairs we needed, on time.  This was definitely an "adversity makes you stronger" situation.  We designed the perfect commercial club chair.  At only 29Wx33Dx27H we were able to maximize seating without sacrificing comfort, style or durability.  18 months later the Eastem Standard is our most popular swivel chair for residential clients.  After choosing a fabric and base color we deliver in just 4-6 weeks.

The Eastern Standard Bar Stool


Same story here.  The 360 degree swivel and brass footplates on all the stretchers help make this design, bulletproof.  The curved open back is comfortable, elegant and functional, creating an instinctual point of contact for ease of movement.

The Tip Toe Dining Chair


For my own home there was no question that I wanted a knockout contemporary dining chair that sat like a dream.  I

host LOTS of parties and want my friends to be comfortable eating, drinking and laughing for hours on end.  Of course, I had to complicate matters by also wanting something airy and slim lined in order to show off the custom 2000 lb. solid marble dining table (I know, but I host A LOT of messy drunken parties and I need durability).  The result was a 3-legged barrel back, balanced on it's toes and highlighted with countersunk brass racing stripes.  We worked on the pitch of the back and the amount of upholstery foam in the seat for days.  Now I have to kick my friends out of the dining room.

The Casteration Cube


A Trouvaille classic.  These babies solve all the problems.  "We always put our feet up but, we like to eat on the sofa!" Our simple and sturdy powerhouses can be any size and any fabric. The hidden casters allow for easy movement from ottoman to dining to extra seating for a crowd.

The Perfect Bench


The beauty of this simple piece is that at 54" long it only requires 2 yards of fabric so it's the perfect way to show off the pricey fabric you just can't live without.  The 1" Lucite panels are incredibly sturdy and the contemporary clean lines are a fabulous foil with decorative antiques.  Can be customized to any length and delivered in 3 weeks.

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